I've been thinking about how to work more publicly, and I liked the idea of Weeknotes, especially as described here and here.

My main goal is to give a quick snapshot of what I've been thinking about and working on in a given week, and the operative word here is quick! The longer and more complicated, the more difficult to maintain, and, I think, the more counter-productive. I also don't want to post a laundry list of things I've done in a week – that's boring and why I have a to do list.

Here are the three prompts I plan to use to give my weeknotes some structure (and so I'm not staring at a blank post wondering what to write each week!):

  1. Something I thought about
  2. Something I did
  3. Something I read

This may evolve as I find a rhythm, but for now it seems like a good balance between structured and open-ended. All weeknotes will be tagged, and you can find them here.