Something I thought about:

  • I’ve been approaching place mostly from spatial angles in my diss but just realized that there’s one piece that I’m reading that creates place temporally instead. It was a surprising realization, so now I’m revisiting the temporal aspects of place (especially when considering it separately from space).

Something I did:

  • Read a lot!
  • Figured out a different angle on a section of my dissertation.
  • Continued to prep for the start of term.
  • Made backup plans/systems because of a cyberattack on my university that shut down all systems.
  • Went to the Van Gogh immersive experience in Lausanne.

Something I read:

  • Elizabeth Bishop in Context, edited by Angus Cleghorn and Jonathan Ellis
  • Art and Memory in the Work of Elizabeth Bishop by Jonathan Ellis
  • Vampires, Hearts & Other Dead Things by Margie Fusion