Something I thought about:

  • We’re in a state of uncertainty at the moment — we know we’re leaving and, as of yesterday: when. We don’t know when / where we’ll find a place to live, which, in turn, affects school enrollment and various other things. I’m trying to reframe uncertainty as possibility while continuing to fix things into place. We’re facing a lot of chicken/egg problems as we try to work through dependencies, and we’re at the point where I’m making decisions according to what we need to do and hoping for the best…

Something I did:

  • Returned to Switzerland.
  • Taught my final set of classes at UniNE, which is so hard to believe!
  • Submitted grades.
  • Scheduled estimates and various moving-related things — including one-way tickets to Boston!

Something I read:

  • Rest as Resistance: A Manifesto by Tricia Hersey. I’ve been following The Nap Ministry for a while on Twitter, and this manifesto is like an unschooling movement for capitalism.
  • Erin’s always so good. Erin Kissane: Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.
So in my work life, I’m trying to sharpen my sense of how and why the patterns we build on the internet shape the behaviors we enact inside them. But I keep getting sidetracked into the opposite formulation—how repeated behavior shapes our spaces, how rituals turn to hauntings, how buried things keep erupting into the present.