Something I thought about:

  • Beginnings and endings — I had my first Literature and Writing Workshop session, my creative writing course had its first workshop, and I met with a new tutoring student. Our department’s admin also took his retirement and had his final day, and he has been an anchor the entire time I’ve been in the department.  So I’ve been thinking about this kind of grounding and consistency and how to build confidence and culture.

Something I did:

  • A lot of admin.
  • A lot of running around — a lot of annual check-ups and check-ins for the family. The child had a field trip, and I had another early morning drop-off for him.
  • Taught two courses.
  • Met with a new writing student.
  • Went to a corpus linguistics training.

Something I read:

  • Concrete by Larissa Theule. This is a nonfiction picture book for children that I read with my child, written by a fellow VCFA alumnx, and we both enjoyed it and learned a lot!