Something I thought about:

  • This was a week of big feelings — fun, grief, frustration, and silliness. We made it through, but I could use some time to process and sort. That’s mostly it. I need to carve out some quiet time for myself to write and to read and to just be.

Something I did:

  • Baked caracs for the first time – that was fun. I haven't baked in a while, and this wasn't difficult, but I had to adjust the recipe on the fly, and I got to break out the stand mixer and rolling pin
  • Sent out a family & friends newsletter for the first time since we left Switzerland – given how much time had passed, it was pretty epic
  • PMing — focused on internal work this week
  • Dealt with a major community loss & the grief that goes with it
  • Celebrated the child’s birthday
  • Registered for a writer's conference
  • Went bowling
  • Ran a lot of errands

Something I read:

  • Two of my four slow reads (Wolf Hall and War & Peace). I really need to catch up on This Little Art & The Preparation of the Novel. The latter two require more focused attention, and I simply haven’t had time lately — to read or to write. I can read fiction while hanging out at soccer practice, but I need a different kind of attention for these texts.
  • Two Tribes by Emily Bowen Cohen