Something I thought about:

  • I was listening to a piece about play and realizing how little time and space I have for it at the moment given our current transitional situation. I’ve been better about taking breaks, but many of the things that make me feel the most myself have been paused — it’s hard to keep stopping and restarting — there’s always this inertia to overcome — so I’ve been thinking about how to create structures that support personal play (along with the time I’ve been setting aside in class).

Something I did:

  • Went to the bird sanctuary and got a tour from A, including learning how to whistle with an acorn top
  • Went to the Butterfly Place where M identified all of the different butterflies.
  • More Olin setup, including spending some time in my classroom to think about layout and activities
  • Finished Canvas setup
  • Met with my course’s writing tutor
  • Started to schedule September

Something I read: