Something I thought about:

  • After so many months of shuttling between temporary housing situations and after eleven years of annual visa renewals that made our Swiss experience feel so precarious, I’ve been thinking about permanence and settling — how to make a home, how to get to know a new home. I’m trying to learn our yard and plants and neighborhood creatures and neighborhood stores and neighbors. Having our Swiss shipping container arrive, trying to fit those belongings into a new context — now it feels real.

Something I did:

  • Camped out at home during some renovations.
  • Had internet installed.
  • Started to catch up.
  • Unpacked.
  • Taught.

Something I read:

  • The New Yorker profile of Kate DiCamillo
  • Ed Yong’s newsletter, which prompted me to download the Merlin bird app and have it listen for and identify birds while I worked.
  • Really, I love everything Matt Battles writes. He just changed his newsletter title from Anthropostures to the Mnemonic Deep, and the new themes and explorations continue to be thought-proving and lovely.