Something I thought about:

  • Nontraditional narrative forms — for the last creative writing class session, I wanted to encourage students to think beyond texts in the form of books and anthologies – course readings typically appear in fairly conventional formats. I brought in some children’s picture books that are illustrated poems, Anne Carson’s Nox, and Joanna Walsh’s Seed (the limited edition box set). We also looked at the online version Seed, and I talked about the Summer of Darkness app and locative storytelling. Then we made centos and zines — actual cutting and pasting of paper — which was a really nice way to end the semester. I think that’s still where my interests and energy are — these hybrid, experimental forms, and I want to play a bit now that the term is officially over.

Something I did:

  • Had my final student meeting of the semester
  • Taught my final class session of the term
  • Put together the course literary magazine
  • Had some fun — went to dinner with my colleagues and to my child’s Fête de Noël at school
  • Holiday prep
  • Had friends over for Christmas Eve

Something I read:

  • Miles Morales: Stranger Tides by Jason Reynolds