Something I thought about:

  • I never thought I’d work at a software company in part because I never expected to use my humanities background so much. Whenever I thought “tech company,” I’d assume I’d be there as a programmer, and I don’t enjoy programming. It was, actually, my least favorite part of my CS degree. I loved the logic side of things — Boolean equations, assembly code — using math brain. And I like that I get to use math brain again but also continue to work my humanities brain. I feel more balanced than only doing one thing or the other. I guess it makes more sense to me that a poet like William Carlos Williams would be a physician — keep writer brain balanced with other kinds of thinking — and stay part of the world with regular people. So much depends upon that sort of grounding… (yes, yes, I know I know…)

Something I did:

  • Had French class
  • Had some client meetings that were entirely in French
  • Taught
  • Had our first American parent-teacher conference
  • Hosted our first guests
  • Went for a walk in the woods and thought about Robert Frost and New England woods and poetics

Something I read: