Something I thought about:

  • This week was completely packed, and I’m trying to figure out my new routine as I adjust to a new full-time job, finish up at Olin, and do the usual household-related running around. I realized this week that I had started to fall into a rhythm — at least regarding when I read student work, prep for class, etc. — and now I need to find different blocks of time for all of this. We also just switched from poetry to short fiction in creative writing, so I was at a transition point, and now it’s just a bigger transition. I’m also behind on correspondence and a few other things (like a 3-hr training!) and need to find blocks for those, as well.

Something I did:

  • Had my first week at Performant! As of Monday, I joined a digital humanities software company on their new project management track.
  • Learned about many of Performant's projects.
  • Had my first client and production meetings.
  • Taught.
  • Went to Deb’s book launch at Harvard Square Book Store. That was lovely — standing room only.

Something I read:

  • This essay on adoption (Spy Baby) was a delightful read — just really well paced. It isn’t a light read, but the timing of the turns is *chef’s kiss*