Something I thought about:

  • A good portion of my dissertation appears to be devoted to failed writing projects. Part of what’s been interesting about studying manuscripts and doing genetic criticism is seeing writing decisions — which paths were pursued, which were abandoned, and how they were approached. I've been thinking about the core of a piece – the idea that drives it – and the point(s) when it becomes clear that the idea can't or won't be realized.

Something I did:

  • Started the teaching term. This was my first time meeting a new class entirely online, so I’ve been thinking a lot about both technology and community and how to create a supportive, inclusive, and interactive online class culture.
  • Filed a final grant report.

Something I read:

I listened to the On Being podcast in which Krista Tippett interviews Rabbi Ariel Burger about his book Witness: Lessons from Elie Wiesel's Classroom. Rabbi Burger was the TA when I took Literary Responses to Oppression with Prof. Wiesel, and it was really lovely to hear his voice and his questions in this interview. A few lines from the conversation that stood out.

“I teach with an open heart not for moral reasons but a pragmatic one,” Krista Tippett quoting Elie Wiesel.
“Yes, because it opens the students’ hearts.” — Rabbi Ariel Burger
“What is a community but a group of people who tell each other stories?” — Rabbi Ariel Burger