Something I thought about:

  • This was a really strange week between the nor’easter and the earthquake on top of a lot of daily scheduling changes that made the entire week feel in flux. Moments of normalcy were exceptional. That said, I was thinking about how magical little things can be — glimpsing deer out back while washing the breakfast dishes or spotting a bluebird on a branch or catching a woodpecker hopping up the side of a tree.

Something I did:

  • Went to dinner with family
  • Meetings — including one with librarians!
  • Project management
  • Report revision
  • Completed a data model
  • Saw several deer
  • Got surprised by snow and an earthquake (!!)
  • Completed a few tasks that have been on my list *forever*
  • Talked to a tree guy and learned more about trees
  • Went to my kid’s first soccer game

Something I read:

  • Some of Ed Park’s book Same Bed Different Dreams
  • Continued some slow reads: War & Peace and Wolf Hall