Something I thought about:

  • I’ve been having a reading dry spell — too much going on — and I finally made time to read and catch up on podcasts and do some of that creative replenishing of the well. I’m trying hard to find a routine, but it’s still tough because there are simply too many things on my plate at the moment, and I’m behind. This will not be the case forever, and it was really nice to take some time to read and listen.

Something I did:

  • Worked on materials for some upcoming class workshops
  • Made arrangements to have two guest authors visit class
  • Met with clients
  • Held class outside on an unseasonably warm fall day
  • Went to a book event for Deb at Olin
  • Got a covid booster

Something I read:

  • This was an interesting conversation with poet Paisley Rekdal, especially the part about appropriation. I’d like to find the book.
  • I will listen to every interview with Sara Ahmed. So much good stuff in this (as always!) but I really loved this ending note on citational generosity and citing lovingly vs. citing defensively — of citing lovingly as a way of showing who you’re in conversation with.
  • A short piece by the co-translator of Jhumpa Lahiri’s latest collection of short stories, which was, like all of her recent work, first composed in Italian. I wonder if Lahiri took Rosanna Warren’s translation seminar when she was a student at BU — if it was offered then.
  • George: A Magpie Memoir by Frieda Hughes