Something I thought about:

  • Why I write and when I am happiest writing — I realized that my favorite writing projects are collaborative: at Boston University when the poetry and painting students made books together, when I worked with the team at Primer Stories on an illustrated essay, and when Andrew and I made the Summer of Darkness app. I also love writing dates and mini-retreats and weekend retreats and critique group meetings. It's the creative exchange. I've been missing both the collaboration and the exchange.

Something I did:

  • Attended my first Durgapuja in Switzerland
  • Went to a lot of doctor’s appointments
  • Published a Diverse Verse post on reclaiming language, which includes some prompts for poets and teachers.
So many diverse voices and stories have been erased from history, and here was art created through erasure — instead of silencing, his work revealed and reclaimed a supposedly blank space.

Something I read:

  • A stack of short stories for a course where I’ll be a substitute instructor for a couple of months.