Something I thought about:

  • When revising, sometimes we get lost in the weeds and forget the big picture, so this week I did some exercises with my creative writing students to help them find that core of a piece again so that they have a central idea or emotion to hang onto as they put together their portfolios. I've been thinking about what that feeling is and how to find it.

Something I did:

  • Had five student portfolio meetings.
  • Met with my adviser and created a timeline to complete the diss. It’s a lot of work but doable.
  • Dealt with a family emergency that included an overnight hospital stay. Everyone is fine! But this week was a lot…

Something I read:

For all our love of post-apocalyptic fiction, what Mrs Dalloway offers is a glimpse of a true “dystopian” reality, for Woolf understood that a dystopian future would not look like The Hunger Games or The Road so much as it would the everyday, banal world of Before, shot through now with the dead and their ghosts—where everything is the same but all is changed, changed utterly.