Something I thought about:

  • I had a bit of a reality check — sometimes it feels like things are moving so slowly, but we’ve only been in the US for three months and in this house for one month. I’m thinking again about the relationship between place-making and time as well as place-making and… customization? Home-making, rather. Does making a place fit your aesthetics and needs make it feel like home more quickly? Or is this more a function of time and familiarity? Changing the place rather than change of place…

Something I did:

  • Olin Course Fair
  • Teaching
  • Grading
  • HR Training
  • Went for a walk in the woods
  • Borrowed a stack of library books

Something I read:

  • I’ve been mostly listening to podcasts while doing house-related stuff and just started to listen to Literary Friction, which I’m enjoying.