Something I thought about:

  • Routines. I really like having a routine — and occasionally rebelling against it — and I normally have one in the fall when the child returns to school and I return to teaching — the child’s routines make mine that much more strict — but this has been a fall of change. I’ve had maybe one or two “normal” days — and all of the construction at home has added to feelings of chaos — and I’m very ready for a bit of boring.

Something I did:

  • Visited Elizabeth Bishop’s grave
  • Had another round of movers — our storage unit (aka the time capsule) from March 2012 was delivered!
  • Had our basement demolished.
  • Called FedEx too many times about a freight delivery.
  • Started the rebuilding/renovation process.
  • Taught.
  • Graded.
  • Finally zeroed my inbox.
  • Set up a desk where I can work – the first time I've had my own work corner (not room – yet!) since movers packed our place in Lausanne.

Something I read:

  • This interesting piece on Kahlil Gibran. I’d read The Prophet, of course — discovered it during a commute when I was an undergrad and thought it was mind-blowing at that age — and this piece made me realize that I really knew nothing about Gibran himself, much like the rest of the world!