I had a paper accepted to a Bishop Studies panel that will be part of the spring ALA conference. I am super excited to be part of this (to say the least!).

Elizabeth Bishop’s Poems and Letters: Elision, Disclosure, and Domesticity
Chair: Bethany Hicok, Williams College, Chair
1."Elizabeth Bishop’s Queer Phenomenology," Anindita Sempere, Université de Neuchâtel
2.“Elizabeth Bishop’s Letters and Mônica Morse,” Neil Besner, University of Winnipeg
3.“Imagining Bishop’s Complete Letters: A Map of the Terrain,” Thomas Travisano, Hartwick College

Receptivity and Reception: Elizabeth Bishop and Others
Chair: Angus Cleghorn, Seneca College
1.“’A Sleeping Ear’: Elizabeth Bishop & the Snail Shell,” Rebecca Bradburn, Oxford University
2.“’Self-Forgetfulness’ & Minoritized Poets,” Vidyan Ravinthiran, Harvard University
3.“Jorie Graham’s Bishop,” Andrew Osborn, University of Dallas