Something I thought about:

  • I’ve been trying to get through one “extra” task per day — you know, that item that’s been outstanding for so long that it feels somewhat embarrassing, and you know it won’t actually take that long, but sitting down to do it requires more cognitive capacity than you have at the moment? Yeah.

    I tend to over schedule. I know this about myself. And I figured one is a manageable number. Much better than trying to do everything and then shutting down and finishing nothing.

    Okay, so I’m still listing everything so that I don’t forget things, but I’ve mentally reframed the list so that one item / day = an accomplishment. This helps. I’ve also started to break things down into real steps. Like instead of “sort taxes” (which is overwhelming), my list now says, “scan files,” “compile digital files,” and “send to accountant.” I can, in a day, scan some tax documents. And then I will be done with that item this year.

Something I did:

  • Saw three deer in the backyard.
  • Data modeling
  • Report writing
  • PMing — I feel like I’ve finally wrangled two big projects into processes. It’s taken months, but I can actually see the progress.
  • A lot of household stuff + errands
  • Started to work on the personal/household backlog
  • February reflection + March planning
  • Watched Big Hero 6 with my kid. That was fun — hadn’t seen it since it came out.

Something I read:

  • Two of my four slow reads (Wolf Hall & War & Peace). I need to catch up on This Little Art & The Preparation of the Novel)
  • Interesting piece on Byron in the New Yorker (“Lord Byron was more than just Byronic,” which included a few things I didn’t know. I’ll have to check out the new bio.