I presented a paper at the American Literature Association conference as part of a Bishop Society panel, and it was an honor and delight to be part of such a terrific group of scholars. The Bishop Society continues to be a welcoming and wonderful community, and I was happy to meet American Bishop scholars after meeting many European scholars last year at Oxford.

Elizabeth Bishop’s Poems and Letters: Elision, Disclosure, and Domesticity
Chair: Bethany Hicok, Williams College, Chair
1.“Elizabeth Bishop’s Queer Phenomenology,” Anindita Sempere, Université de Neuchâtel
2.“Elizabeth Bishop’s Letters and Mônica Morse,” Neil Besner, University of Winnipeg
3.“The Figure of Metanoia in George Herbert and Elizabeth Bishop,” Jonathan F. S. Post, University of California at Los Angeles

Receptivity and Reception: Elizabeth Bishop and Others
Chair: Angus Cleghorn, Seneca College
1.“’A Sleeping Ear’: Elizabeth Bishop & the Snail Shell,” Rebecca Bradburn, Oxford University
2.“’Self-Forgetfulness’ & Minoritized Poets,” Vidyan Ravinthiran, Harvard University
3.“Jorie Graham’s Bishop,” Andrew Osborn, University of Dallas