Something I thought about:

  • This has been a week of trying to catch up, slow down, and settle into a routine before camps and new sets of logistics begin next week. There’s always just so much to track, and I have good systems in place, but cognitive load can get overwhelming pretty quickly. Still trying to find ways to balance between structured vs. unstructured time for myself and failing at it. Also to find chunks of quiet time — quiet my brain, work on my own projects. I get interrupted a lot, regardless of whether that time is in the morning or evening. And schedules are so tight that leaving and going elsewhere isn’t feasible. Hmm.

Something I did:

  • Caught up at work — funny how just a few days away can result in a massive backlog
  • At work we launched a public beta of a project I’ve been working on since joining my company in October
  • Kept plugging away at personal and household backlogs (medical appointments, bills, filing, errands, etc.)
  • Watched a lot of soccer — Hop Suisse!

Something I read: