Something I thought about:

  • The dissertation. That’s basically 24-7 right now. The chapter that I’m working on has taken a couple of unexpected turns, which are interesting, but I need to figure out where and how to fit these ideas — the overall shape is stretching and changing.

Something I did:

  • Worked on my dissertation
  • End-of-school-year logistics
  • Made a map that I hope to share soon

Something I read:

" of Rhys’s neighbors accused her of being a witch. (Rhys chased her into the road with a pair of scissors, earning herself a weeklong stay in a mental hospital.) But in a stroke of luck, the village rector turned out to be one of her most important allies—a lover of classical literature, he took a look at Rhys’s novel-in-progress and was astute enough to recognize her talent. Thereafter, he visited regularly, doing whatever he could to insulate the sensitive author from her worries and keep her on track with the book. “She needs endless supplies of whisky, and endless praise,” he told his wife, “so that is what she must have.”"