Something I thought about:

  • I haven’t gotten nearly as much reading or writing (even morning pages) done as in past weeks — I’m just feeling so tired and worn down again – at the point where even activities that should feel good and inspiring feel like yet another thing to do. I have been sticking with morning walks, but I need to start scheduling downtime again — and sticking with it! And I need a day that’s entirely off — with no extracurriculars or errands. Setting some goals for the remainder of the month: more breaks and more sleep.

Something I did:

  • Went to Garden in the Woods for Mother’s Day
  • A lot of GitHub organization, project planning, and testing/debugging — we have a major release coming up, and, as of Friday, we’re feature complete! This means I'm scheduling and creating backlogs for projects for the second half of the year.
  • Child-related end of year activities, paperwork, and events.
  • Went to a New England Revolutions soccer game — our first pro soccer match in the US! It was really fun, although the ref was TERRIBLE, and I spent most of the match completely outraged. Child: "Maman, do you HAVE to yell at the ref so much?" Me: "Yes." Did I know anything about the Revs or care about them AT ALL before the game? Nope. But I grew up watching American football, and bad calls rile me up.

Something I read: