Something I thought about:

  • I’ve been fairly preoccupied with trying to feel like myself again rather than feeling like a collection of tasks and errands. The thing about a dissertation is that it’s a personal project that is yours — you are invested in your work, and people around you help you get there. Moving is basically the opposite. It’s logistics and physical labor, and it’s easy to lose yourself in tasks — the tyranny of the to do list. I’ve been trying to think of what makes me feel like myself, what feeds my brain and trying to carve out time for that. Writing. Reading. Stopping to take photos. When’s the last time I photographed tiny things? I don’t remember. So I’m trying to read, write, take photos — slow down, as I’d intended, and push back against simply running errands, playing chauffeur, and all of that. I’m trying to be quiet.

Something I did:

  • More post-covid catch up
  • Various work things
  • Managed to register my child for camp — the system here is really stressful
  • Family medical stuff
  • A school event
  • Took more photos
  • Read a bit
  • Didn’t write as much as I’d hoped

Something I read:

  • More of my four slow reads: Wolf Hall, War & Peace, This Little Art, and The Preparation of the Novel
  • Bride by Ali Hazelwood