Something I thought about:

  • Ah that inevitable thing happened — I came up with a new routine and just started to try it out and… covid. First it hit one member of our household, and we had to try to isolate and follow all of the protocols. And then it got me. Two parents down. One child whom we were trying to keep healthy. I tried to give myself some grace and not worry about routines or anything. I had to do some necessary things (mostly parenting related), and otherwise I tried to rest.

Something I did:

  • Updated this website at last
  • Got covid in the household
  • Ran a ton of errands (while masked)
  • Got covid myself
  • Worked

Something I read:

  • Continued my four slow reads. I am not keeping up with the day-to-day schedule, but I am generally staying on track from week to week, and I’m thoroughly enjoying all four books (Wolf Hall, War & Peace, This Little Art, The Preparation of the Novel)