Mapping Bishop

(public beta released in 2018; codebase is currently being updated)

Mapping Bishop is a geotemporal map of Bishop’s published correspondence from 1951-1955, her Brazilian transition period. It was developed as part of my doctoral research as an "object to think with" rather than as a repository of Bishop’s correspondence, which is under copyright and not reproduced in this map. Instead, I mapped her movements and manuscript development as part of a study on the relationship between place and poetics.

Mapping Bishop had two immediate goals. First, Bishop’s published correspondence spans thousands of pages across multiple volumes with some overlap between them. This tool provides a cohesive timeline of Bishop’s literary creation process. Second, the map provides both spatial context and a way to follow the development of specific concepts or manuscripts across both place and time through a combination of timelines and animation.


Summer of Darkness

(launched in 2016; no longer available on the App store)

Conceived to celebrate the 200th anniversary of The Year Without Summer, this iPhone/iPad app tells the story of the famous summer Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley, and their companions spent in Switzerland — the summer the world was supposed to end.

Selected Press for Summer of Darkness

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Anderson, P. Storytelling about Storytelling: Switzerland’s ‘Summer of Darkness’ App. Publishing Perspectives. July 21, 2016.

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