Something I thought about:

  • Staying on brand, this week I thought about place and visual language. We went to an exhibit on Escher that showed his artistic development both chronologically and with respect to place. You can see how deeply influenced he was first by the Italian landscape and then by the geometric patterns of Islamic art — the stylistic shifts are striking, but he also owns these shifts by adapting these new techniques to his established obsessions.

Something I did:

  • Wrapped up a few things / hit a few deadlines.
  • Went to Italy!
  • Saw famous art in person from Michelangelo’s David to Judith Slaying Holofernes by Artemisia Gentileschi to a special exhibit on Escher.
  • Ate some amazing food, including a 9-course tasting menu at Gucci Osteria.
  • Spent time with friends.

Something I read:

  • How Far the Light Reaches by Sabrina Imbler