Something I thought about:

  • This week was an odd mix of old and new — visiting favorite old places and finally going to a few that we’d wanted to visit but had never gotten around to. All of our belongings were packed up and shipped. We moved into an apartment in another part of the city for a week. It was all a bit strange and entirely normal at once — being in a familiar place doing some familiar things and yet simultaneously saying goodbye to this particular world. We did more in Lausanne in a week than we normally do in months, and that was also a bit strange and complicated…

Something I did:

  • So much paperwork. So many emails. So many phone calls and follow ups.
  • Finished everything moving-related that we could do in Switzerland.
  • Visited some favorite old places and went a few new places that had been on our wish lists for a while.
  • Had a farewell picnic with friends.

Something I read: