Something I thought about:

  • Goodness this week was tough. It started off with everything mostly under control, and I made it through to the end, but it got really pretty difficult between illness and end of year events. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about compromises: the ones I’ve made and the ones my parents made, and there are a lot, but I also think they were the right decisions and worth it. I am a family first kind of person, and I know others are career first, and I don’t judge anyone for their choices (in my own family, there are career first folks), but I think my prioritizations have been right for me/us. Even if I haven’t “made it” in the way I could’ve if I’d prioritized things differently.

Something I did:

  • One of the projects I’ve been working was released in beta
  • Tons of meetings, organization, roadmapping
  • Took a family member to urgent care (everything is fine, but it was an unexpected midweek event)
  • Made caracs for my child’s French class
  • Kept up with the various end of school year activities

Something I read:

  • Misfits: A Royal Conundrum by Lisa Yee & Dan Santa
  • Dear Wendy by Ann Zhao
  • More on my current slow reads: War and Peace and Bring Up the Bodies