Something I thought about:

  • Structure mostly. Once again, I restructured a dissertation chapter, this time breaking it into a short introduction and longer chapter. I think I have half a dissertation now? Well, a bit more — another chapter is underway, and my research is done for the rest of it. Now it’s a matter of organizing materials and writing it all up.

Something I did:

  • Revised, restructured, revised
  • Took down the Christmas tree and put away Christmas things.

Something I read:

  • I DNF’ed two books this week. They were fine. They just weren’t for me.
  • I’ve been enjoying George Saunders’s newsletter. He has so many great little nuggets, like:


When revising, try to make the decision points in the story crisper and more pronounced.


As discussed in the last post, that’s one wonderful thing literature does – it confuses us right out of our lazy, judging stance, by way of energetic ambiguity.


If you are worrying that your ending is bad, or your prose is too slow, accept that diagnosis and then…don’t do that. That is: don’t cling to that ending, or to the current pace of your prose, or...anything. Don’t cling to any of it.
If we know what’s wrong, we can (start to) fix it.