Something I thought about:

  • In the next two weeks, I have several deadlines for very different things, and I’m also processing the trip and travel and everything we saw, and I’ve been thinking about integration (in an epistemological sense) — balancing processing with production. The trips were a massive shift in gears / mind frame, and I’m sparking with ideas and raring to do things with them. I’m trying to document and capture what I can and let things percolate without rushing while I work on what’s on the front burner (also exciting, but I need to access previous headspace).

Something I did:

  • Returned from Italy after more exploration and deliciousness and a (thankfully) short round of illness.
  • Rentrée! Uni reopened, and I taught three back-to-back sections of first-years.
  • Attended a talk on Zoom by Sara Ahmed, which was amazing. The talk was called Feminist Killjoys at Work and was a preview of her upcoming book.
  • Went to Zurich and visited with family.
  • Switched languages so frequently that by the end of the week, I had no idea which one would pop out of my mouth.

Something I read: