Something I thought about:

  • After last week’s family emergency, I had to do a massive push to catch up on grading this week, and I was thinking about the spirit and purpose of grading. As always this comes back to the idea of mastery and growth — what is being evaluated? I try to find a balance between the two, and I use comments 1) to encourage students to think more deeply through their writing and 2) to demonstrate how to improve some specific issue(s) in their next composition. I end by listing 1-2 areas to develop so they don’t feel completely overwhelmed.

Something I did:

  • Caught up on grading. Hooray!
  • Finished the academic writing / corpus linguistics training program.
  • Applied and was accepted to an intensive CELTA program.
  • Worked on my dissertation and symposium talks and slides.
  • Dealt with more medical things with the child. Everything is fine — just follow up appointments.

Something I read:

  • A lot of student work! I didn’t have time for anything else…