Something I thought about:

  • This week was busier and more hectic than I’d hoped for what was supposed to be a few days of vacation — and I feel like I need a vacation to recover? I want to leave the race of 2023 in 2023, and I’ve been pushing to close as many tabs as possible. I did have two papers come out, which provided a nice feeling of closure on the academic side.

Something I did:

  • Hosted Christmas Eve
  • Celebrated Christmas with family
  • Went to the MIT Museum with family
  • Took a day to rest and reset
  • Did some grading.
  • Worked on a report and some GitHub triage.
  • Completed the Udacity course on accessibility.
  • Finished watching Avatar with my child.
  • Ran a ton of errands.
  • Rearranged my study.

Something I read: