Something I thought about:

  • How we experience place versus how we attempt to understand it — for example being in a place vs. reading about it and how those two types of knowledge interact.

Something I did:

  • Finished grading portfolios and submitted grades.
  • Took a day off from uni work to recover and tried to catch up in other areas of life.
  • Figured out where a particular line of reasoning isn’t precise enough in a chapter — I’ve been unhappy with this section for a while but was unable to articulate the problem until this week. Note to self: sometimes it’s more helpful to move to a notebook and write through it longhand than to keep staring at a Word document.

Something I read:

When the prolific author of A Wrinkle in Time began exchanging letters with a Black Panther imprisoned for a murder he didn’t commit, neither could have imagined what the relationship would yield.
  • I loved this conversation between Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz about Annalee's new book, Four Lost Cities. I was particularly interested in what Annalee had to say about how colonialism shapes our ideas of what's "lost" and what was considered within the realm of possibility for these ancient civilazations – like why it's easier for some to believe that aliens visited ancient groups than to acknowledge that our ancestors developed architectures and technologies themselves. I also liked their discussion of how writing about ancient civilizations and world-building in science fiction might intersect.