Something I thought about:

  • Last weekend was packed, and I started the week feeling behind and tired. It was a busy week; parts of it were pretty tough. Still, I got through a lot, and this approach of trying to do one outstanding task per day has actually been working pretty well. I am, slowly but surely, making my way through the list. Reorganizing my office also helped, and I’ve been trying to be better about prioritizing sleep and down time. I’ve been doing a bit more cooking for fun — making some new recipes… Still working on slowing down, spending better time on fewer things, and returning to the things that feel like me. I caught myself spinning and wearing myself out partway through the week and was able to intentionally shift gears, slow down, and stop burning myself out.

Something I did:

  • Went to MAR10 day at the library — they set up all of the old Nintendo consoles in order of release, which was really fun, and kids got to play various Mario (and other) games
  • Rearranged my office — it’s much better now
  • Went to book group
  • Shipped a lot of work documents
  • Did some data modeling
  • Did some intense project planning
  • Sent off tax paperwork
  • Tried a new recipe
  • Read
  • Dipped back into an old manuscript

Something I read: