Academic Conferences and Publications

Sempere, A. Elizabeth Bishop's Queer Phenomenology. American Literature Association, Boston, Massachusetts, May 2023 (upcoming).

Sempere, A. Elizabeth Bishop’s “The Riverman”: A Story of Appropriation and of Vocation. Swiss Association for North American Studies, Fribourg, Switzerland, November 2022.

Sempere, A. Review of Apparently Personal Poetry: Elizabeth Bishop and Biography, 9-10 June 2022. Elizabeth Bishop Society, September 2022.

Sempere, A. "On the Prince of Fundy." Apparently Personal Poetry: A Symposium on Elizabeth Bishop and Biography, Oxford, England, June 2022.

Sempere, A and Sempere, A. Deep Maps, Authorship, and Narrativizing Physical Spaces. The Association for Computers and the Humanities, DH Unbound, May 2022.

Sempere, A. The Path from Sable Island to Santos. Northeast Modern Language Association Convention, Boston, Massachusetts, March 2020.

Sempere, A. Changing Places: Using Spatio-Temporal Maps to Link Literary Texts with Movement. The Association for Computers and the Humanities, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 2019.

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Invited Talks and Workshops

Expository Writing Worshop for Digital Ideation students at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. May 3, 2022.

Mapping Bishop: A Case Study on the Dialogue between Software Models and Literary Analysis at the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures in Basel, Switzerland. June 3, 2020.

Visualizing Literary Creation: Frankenstein, Elizabeth Bishop, and the Digital Humanities at Wellesley College. March 9, 2020.

Writing for Designers: Intro to Narrative Structure and Style at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. November 5-8, 2018.

Place in Fiction for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators in Switzerland. September 12, 2017.

Direct Encounters with History: Summer of Darkness and the Performance of Archive at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Final lecture in the Data is Made Up of Stories: University-wide Futures from the Digital Humanities series. December 5, 2016.

Selected Press for Summer of Darkness

Newitz, A. A new app reveals apocalyptic history behind novel Frankenstein. Ars Technica. July 27, 2016.

Anderson, P. Storytelling about Storytelling: Switzerland’s ‘Summer of Darkness’ App. Publishing Perspectives. July 21, 2016.

Tharoor, I. 200 years ago, the sky went dark and there was no summer. The Washington Post. May 12, 2016.

Selected Essays

Sempere, A. Dragons of the Alps: Johann Jakob Scheuchzer’s Quest for Scientific Evidence. Primer. 24 October 2015.

Sempere, A. Monster. The Message. 18 May 2015.

Sempere, A. Secret History of Young Adult Novels. In Glenn, J. and Larsen, E.F. (Authors), UNBORED: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun. Bloomsbury: New York, 2012, pp. 74-76.

Sempere, A. Illusion Knitting. In Glenn, J. and Larsen, E.F. (Authors), UNBORED: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun. Bloomsbury: New York, 2012, p. 145.

Sempere, A. High and Low-Tech Pet Search. In Glenn, J. and Larsen, E.F. (Authors), UNBORED: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun. Bloomsbury: New York, 2012, pp. 174-175.

Selected Press & Profiles for

Donovan, L. The Jobs Report: I'm An Entrepreneur. The Jane Dough: The Business News We Knead. February 8, 2013.

Sempere, A. The Cover Letter: Tips to Make You Stand Out (In a Good Way). Women for Hire. February 1, 2013.

Sempere, A. Seven Crucial Cover Letter Writing Tips. Minority Engineer. Winter 2012/2013.

Sempere, A. How to get kids reading and writing over the summer. Guest post on The Answer Sheet by Valerie Strauss. Washington Post. July 3, 2012.

Right Ways to Write. Pittsburgh Business Times. June 29, 2012.

Jackson, N. Students Grade Themselves: Six ways to get your students involved in year-end assessments. Scholastic Instructor. Spring 2012.

Moore, M. The write stuff motivates her. Boston Business Journal. February 24, 2012.

Thesis Work

Sempere, A. Huntress. M.F.A. Creative Thesis. Montpelier, VT: Vermont College, 2007.

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Basu, A. The Stuff That Tales Are Made Of. B.A. Computer Science Honors Thesis. Wellesley, MA: Wellesley College, 2000.