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Blog Pause Interrupted


Of course now that I’ve declared a blog pause, I’m breaking it. Isn’t this how it always goes? But — I got called out on Twitter! And it made me think. Which means a long form follow up. Ten days ago, I posted some questions regarding the role of writers as reviewers. Today…(Read More)

More on G+


With all of the LJ downtime, a lot of people have begun to move away to WordPress or Blogger — I did the same several months ago, although I continue to cross-post between WordPress and LJ. The one sad part that everyone has been referring to is the loss of community, which got me thinking…(Read More)

Friday Five


We’re a week into July, and I haven’t posted anything yet. Worst blogger ever? Well, I’ve had longer silent spells, so I guess I beat myself this round. (1) The Writing Faculty has been keeping me super busy. Have I mentioned lately how much I adore the people I work with? Clearly…(Read More)

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