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That should be the title of a book — it’s lovely, isn’t it? Sure, there’s Paolo Bacigalupi’s follow-up to Ship Breaker, Drowned Cities, but city is such a harsh word, whereas landscape evokes meadows and birds, flowers and small animals. Drowned Landscapes is the name of one of the summer science…(Read More)

The post title is from the best Higgs boson-related news headline I’ve seen thus far: “Higgs boson fever fills Cern with 24-hour particle people.” Awesome, non? So, I know pretty much everyone had a childhood love of Madeleine L’Engle, and as I’ve mentioned before, I was pretty obsessed with the…(Read More)

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Two posts in a day? OMGapocalypse! </sarcasm> Lots of open tabs to share: There’s an interview with George R.R. Martin over at the Atlantic. I’m excited/horrified about the new book because it’s been so long, I need to start the series over. It’s called doorstopper fantasy for…(Read More)

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