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Reading Round-up


I’ve been reading and writing in bursts and have finally caught up on a few of the books in my TBR pile: The Fault in Our Stars and Code Name Verity are both as good as everyone says. I’d heard they were devastating — complete tearjerkers — and I think I was preparing for something…(Read More)

Quick follow up


Just a quick follow up to Saturday’s post re: Twitter + reviews to say that my post had a great outcome — Matthew Pearl read it and contacted me, and we had a great conversation! I’m not going to post what we discussed, but I was very happy to receive his response. He’s a…(Read More)

Blog Pause Interrupted


Of course now that I’ve declared a blog pause, I’m breaking it. Isn’t this how it always goes? But — I got called out on Twitter! And it made me think. Which means a long form follow up. Ten days ago, I posted some questions regarding the role of writers as reviewers. Today…(Read More)

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