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Systems Update


I’ve posted before about my various organizational systems. Over the past six months, I feel like I’ve leveled up. In my last post, I mentioned several different projects, from running a consultancy to doing research, and having a toddler means frequent interruptions and working in fits and starts. I’ve had to develop…(Read More)



With a new year comes new systems. In addition to reading process posts, I love hearing about how friends and colleagues organize themselves. I’m a bit of an organization junkie. You probably can’t tell from my desk (there are piles, but they are ordered piles!), but I can’t live without my systems…(Read More)

I’ve posted about organizational tools that I like, such as Scription and Scrivener. Now I’m trying something new and a little different, which I’m going to log periodically. A while ago, I read Gina Trapani’s excellent Lifehacker post on her standing desk, and I was intrigued. However, I have a small…(Read More)

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