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4 Degrees


I miss blogging. I realized that one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging much lately is that I’ve built it up as some sort of big time investment — posts need to be essay-like, and most of the longer pieces I want to write are tough. The world is difficult right now…(Read More)



Saturday was National Record Store Day, and in honor of it, Andrew and I went vinyl shopping! For his birthday a couple weeks ago, we had a 33s for his 33rd party — a DJ friend brought over turntables and a bunch of people brought records. Andrew’s new turntables are now on their way, so…(Read More)

Dystopians in YA


Over at, Gwenda has some smart things to say about why dystopian fiction is so popular with teens. How popular is dystopian fiction now? So popular even Britney Spears is cashing in…(Read More)

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