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Politics of Identity


Like many people, I’ve been disturbed by the birther movement’s latent racism. One of the most touching responses I’ve seen to the President having to release his long form birth certificate is by Baratunde Thurston, a black comedian who (among other things) works for The Onion. He posted a heartbroken video response…(Read More)



You know how some weeks, the sky opens up and all of this stuff falls out of it? I’ve been having one of those weeks. No worries — nothing bad — I’ve just been *busy* and um, that last post about missing a self-imposed deadline? Yeah… The revision is on hold while I work…(Read More)



Saturday was National Record Store Day, and in honor of it, Andrew and I went vinyl shopping! For his birthday a couple weeks ago, we had a 33s for his 33rd party — a DJ friend brought over turntables and a bunch of people brought records. Andrew’s new turntables are now on their way, so…(Read More)

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