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Daily Rituals


Yesterday was tough. My 2yo woke up feeling sensible as they say at his crèche, which is a far nicer word than moody. Every little thing caused an eruption of tears, and he wanted constant hugs and reassurance. Which was okay. He knows he can have a hug whenever he wants one. But he…(Read More)

Since January 11th, I’ve been writing at least one good thing or gratitude per day. What started off as an exercise in reflection has changed the way I experience each day. I’ve begun to keep track of everything I could put into my evening entry as they happen, so I appreciate more moments…(Read More)

Giving Thanks


Although the Thanksgiving holiday is problematic, I appreciate having a day to step back and reflect on all of the things I’m grateful for. Since moving to Switzerland, we haven’t had a “proper” Thanksgiving with family and a full turkey. Our first year, we did the best we could with what we could…(Read More)

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