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With all of the LJ downtime, a lot of people have begun to move away to WordPress or Blogger — I did the same several months ago, although I continue to cross-post between WordPress and LJ. The one sad part that everyone has been referring to is the loss of community, which got me thinking…(Read More)

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Two posts in a day? OMGapocalypse! </sarcasm> Lots of open tabs to share: There’s an interview with George R.R. Martin over at the Atlantic. I’m excited/horrified about the new book because it’s been so long, I need to start the series over. It’s called doorstopper fantasy for…(Read More)

We’re going back to A Wrinkle in Time today. So this is me & my mum when I was about 6 years old: That’s back when I was cute. The middle school years were Meg Murry level frightening — I had an overbite and braces and giant glasses with beige frames. I was hideous. My…(Read More)

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