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Writing Life


Yesterday my husband came home while I was working and saw me in normal, writing at home without an audience mode, also known as feral state. I usually spend a good chunk of the day standing — besides all of the dire WE ARE TOO SENDENTARY OMG DEATH articles, I actually concentrate better when I’m…(Read More)



While my words may be failing, friends continue to eloquently express their sadness. I love nearly everything Matt writes, and his tribute to Aaron Swartz is beautiful. The mathematic or computational prodigy is legible, domesticable; Aaron was far stranger than this. Ungovernable, irreducibly feral, his genius took utopia as its object. In a now-irretrievable…(Read More)

Friday Five


Today’s Andrew’s first opening in Lausanne. Yesterday was his first in Zurich. I’m looking forward to seeing his work at scale in a gallery setting. Our living room doesn’t offer quite the same experience. He’s working in interactive theatre and for Zurich created an interactive light space, and for Lausanne…(Read More)

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