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For the past few months Andrew and I’ve been working on a secret project — our first creative collaboration. When we moved to Switzerland four years ago, I had never even visited the country. All I knew about the Lac Léman region was that some of my favorite writers had spent a summer near…(Read More)

1) This week, I FINALLY made it to Cologny! It’s a suburb of Geneva right on the French border, and it’s known as the Beverly Hills of Geneva. Why go there? Because that’s where Byron and the Shelleys (okay, so technically not the Shelleys yet — Percy was still married to his first…(Read More)

I woke up this morning to the sound of heavy rain, which relaxed me more than anything else possibly could this week (which has been beyond busy as students are returning to school). Naturally, I thought of the Year Without a Summer since I’ve been immersed in the Shelleys and Byron this week (and…(Read More)

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