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H is for Hooray!*


Back in July, I posted a few nonfiction recommendations and was super excited about Helen MacDonald’s H is for Hawk. Well, on Tuesday, Helen won the Samuel Johnson Prize, which is the UK’s top prize for nonfiction! It’s basically like winning a Booker for NF. Huge deal. I am beyond thrilled — Helen…(Read More)

I don’t usually read a lot of nonfiction, but a few friends have recently published books that I’ve loved and highly recommend! It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens is a must read for anyone who has anything to do with teenagers: parents, teachers, YA writers. One of danah’s gifts…(Read More)

Regency Magic


I read a thoroughly disappointing book yesterday (which I will not name and will not add to my Goodreads log!) and thought that the best way to counteract a boring book would be to post some fun reads. Usually when I want something lighthearted, I turn to genre fiction, and Regency novels are particular favorites…(Read More)

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