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I am going to post several links today to CLOSE ALL THE TABS. It’s been quite a couple of weeks. The child got chicken pox, turned three years old, and then our family went dogsledding for a birthday celebration (my gift to child and spouse who both have birthdays this month).

In the meantime, I’ve been collecting “This is cool!” links. So. Here are several pieces that made me go “Wow!” recently:

Humans in Amazon rainforest ‘earlier than thought’” — 2000 year old geoglyphs! Using landscape elements to (re)define places.

Inside the incredible underground city that once housed 20,000 people” — In the 1960s in Turkey, a man found a secret room in his house that was actually part of a Byzantine-era underground city. It runs about 18 m / 59 ft. underground and housed up to 20,000 people. There’s a novel waiting to be written. The article has some evocative photos, so click through.

Long Before Trees Overtook the Land, Earth Was Covered by Giant Mushrooms” — Okay, so this isn’t ancient or medieval. We’re traveling to 420-350 million years ago to when the world may have had giant mushrooms! And by giant, we’re talking trunks that were 8 m / 24 ft. tall. Imagine walking through a forest of those…

And I am going to stop there instead of closing all tabs because this seems like a good bit of wonder for one day.

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