A little bit of delight


Like many people, I’ve been feeling incredibly drained from the constant barrage of news and the various twists and revelations. I’m heading off to a writing retreat in a little bit, which I hope will give me a chance to unplug and simply work (as this piece says, Work Is My Self-Care). In the meantime, here’s a clip from something that completely delighted me this week:

Yup, it’s the Flash/Supergirl crossover musical episode! And, like Vanity Fair, I think it was even better than the Buffy musical episode.

As someone who did musical theatre through K-12, college, and grad school (the first time around), I absolutely love this stuff, cheesy as it can be. This episode had plenty of theatre references and classic songs along with a couple of new ones. They also pulled out all of the heavy hitters from across the D.C. TV universe — John Barrowman and Victor Garber guest starred and sang with Jesse L. Martin. They had plenty of spectacle (song below, which begins at 1:40) and superhero in-jokes. I loved it.

And did I mention the tap dancing? Or the opening scene with young Flash and his mom watching Gene Kelly perform Singin’ in the Rain (song begins at 30 sec.), which is something I do with my son?

If you need a dose of escapist delight, take a 40-minute break and watch this. And with that, have a good weekend!

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