The Summer of Darkness Ends


The Year Without Summer may have ended 200 years ago with Byron heading to the Alps and then to Italy and the Shelleys returning to England, but two years later, Frankenstein was published, and the 200th anniversary of the novel is yet to come.

Bicentennial celebrations and commemorations are already being planned, and our app is currently part of Arizona State University’s Frankenstein at 200 exhibition.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is rapidly approaching its 200th anniversary, but its themes continue to resonate in our technological age and spawn new, complex questions about the nature of life, our role as creators, and our responsibilities to the things we bring into the world. Now, Arizona State University Libraries, in partnership with ASU’s Frankenstein Bicentennial Project, will present an interdisciplinary, mixed-media exhibition that grapples with the provocative ideas put forth in Shelley’s novel.

Opening August 31 and on display through December 10, 2016, Frankenstein at 200 examines the conditions of Mary Shelley’s world that led her to pen the original tale, along with similar scientific, technological, and social quandaries of our modern era.

Frankenstein Comes to Life at ASU Libraries This Fall

If you’re in the area, please check it out. Summer of Darkness is there in kiosk form.


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